when ur going to the mall

and u actually have money


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Since i woke up this morning I have been on twitter and tumblr and all i’ve seen is people dissing Anaconda based off of a shitty low quality leak that may not even be 100% legit, although some claim it is. IMO with just a low quality leak you can’t tell a damn thing about a song really because you are not getting the full effect, and if I know Nicki then by now she would’ve posted something on twitter about the leak and would address all the barbz and kenz. So obviously if she hasn’t said anything yet, and I’m sure she has seen all this dragging going on, then she isn’t too worried because for all we know this isn’t even the real thing….. On Monday all answers will be revealed. Until then, please hold your critiques, or at least until you hear a HQ version. That’s just my two cents..


okay honestly everyones talking abt the nicki minaj leak and i just wanna say a thing. if yall dont like it i extremely dont understand because i can only imagine the main criticism being “its too sexual” like ??? okay number one, nicki minaj has ALWAYS been sexual and number two, you are slut…